What my father taught me and insurance saved me

Hello, my name is Manolo and I’ve lost my father. He never spoke of inheritance, but he bequeathed us a ‘fortune’. I remember car trips with no air conditioning and no mobile phone, singing with my parents; games with my sisters; and arguments that ended in kisses and hugs of reconciliation. He taught us respect with love, to work together and share our experiences, worries and anecdotes of the day during meals. We learned the art of patience, reflection, and took note of his advice on how to solve problems. I am grateful for the material goods he left us. But, above all, I admire his example.”

Manolo’s parents were very orderly and kept important papers in a blue folder. The will was kept in it as well as the death insurance that they contracted in 1977: all well tied up. Apart from paying for the burial, the funeral stone and the obituary for the newspaper, the Funeral Insurance managed all the paperwork. “We barely knew about it. We had begun our grieving.”

  1. It took care of obtaining the Death Certificate, several certificates to be able to handle all procedures.
  2. It made the entry in the Civil Registry within 24 hours after the death of my father and managed the burial license.
  3. It requested the Certificate of Last Wills from the Ministry of Justice to verify potential will modifications.
  4. And at the same time, it requested the Insurance Certificate to check if any Life or Accident policy existed.

Funeral Insurance deals with managing all necessary procedures after a person’s death and thereby ending the last step in their lives, and of course alleviating this tribulation for loved ones. In addition, Funeral Insurance can be transferred nationally and internationally. It can help manage grief, offer telephone guidance service, home help, online wills, digital end of life, and more.

Manolo and his sisters received a lot, a lot…

Money comes and goes; but the responsibility, commitment and honesty that we learned from our parents is never forgotten.”