“When the weather changes, the beast sneezes”

October arrives and with it autumnal allergies. They cause us to sneeze, have a runny nose and tear up without warning. Did you know that a driver with allergies has a higher risk of accident? When sneezing we lose sight of the road; in fact, by sneezing nonstop, attention is withdrawn from the road for up to 15 seconds.

We therefore recommend 2 visits to help you travel more safely:

  • First: go to the doctor for an examination and assess medications that can help you alleviate the symptoms of your allergies. It is always better to start treatment two or three days before going on a trip because the sedative effects decrease as the body adapts.
  • Second: go to the car repair shop to get a special pollen filter to block pollen and other pollutants and guarantee clean air inside the vehicle since they have a filtering efficiency of up to 98.5% of small micron particles.

Apart from this, keep the car clean inside and remember that your Health Insurance offers allergology as a specialty.