“Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle I regain hope for the future of the human race.” H. G. Wells.

The bicycle has escaped from the peloton and sales have multiplied three times over in one year of the pandemic. It has become an element of transport for young people and adults to move around and there are those who also enjoy it for exercise.

Bicycles help you lose weight, reduce stomach fat, strengthen the joints, fights back pain and helps us sleep better. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, riding a bike for 5 minutes a day helps you lose weight more easily as an adult.

In Spain, there are already 21 million people who ride a bicycle, also contributing to a less polluted planet. And yet, we are more exposed to accidents, breakdowns, theft and vandalism. How can we prevent it?

3 rules + 1

1.- Wear a helmet. The head is the most common area of injury. Helmets are mandatory on interurban roads.

2.- Put a bell on your bike, it is also mandatory.

3.- Front and rear lights are highly recommended. Other vehicles must be able to see us when we are travelling, whether in urban or interurban areas.

And wear a mask except for sports use on the road or mountains.

“My son’s bike was stolen and I had to prove it was mine.” Save the purchase receipt.

Good bicycle insurance helps you in everything else, Civil Liability and Legal Protection, and you can include coverage such as Accidents, Assistance, Theft, Self Damage.

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