Wherever you are, you’re insured

Do you enjoy working with the public? Do you speak foreign languages? Do you want to work with tourists? Are you a perfectionist? Brilliant! You can certainly work at or even run a hotel, hostel, country holiday house, camping facility or tourist apartment building. In addition to managing reservations, your main task will be to ensure that your customers feel even better than they do at home. And, be careful! You also have to protect the workforce and certainly the assets under your responsibility (buildings, machinery, furniture, decorative elements, etc.).

Safety is not an accident. It is the result of intelligent effort.

Accommodation Insurance is required by law. Mandatory coverage is:

  • Material damage: water, humidity, fire.
  • Robbery: good insurance can include changing locks as well as theft of cash and personal belongings. Garages and terraces are usually included also.
  • Civil Liability: covering damages caused to third parties.
  • Provisional relocation: when you must relocate guests due to damage, and also the hotel’s neighbours when the accident they suffer is caused by the hotel.
  • Workers Accident Insurance: with medical expenses and compensation for employees who have an accident.
  • Machinery: normally it is very expensive. Calculate how much it costs to repair the elevator.

And you can also complement all this coverage, because there are other risks that you have not even considered: a disloyal employee, loss of benefits due to an unexpected closure, legal defence for claims or Civil Liability that the establishment’s management may have.

When customers come first, they are customers forever

Our hotel had a special charm. We really felt that we were important. Everything was in order and clean, the staff was friendly… I’m certainly leaving out many details. But behind this service, management is concerned about all people: employees and guests. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”