Who paralyzed the SEPE?

March 2021 5 million beneficiaries, 710 in-person and 50 virtual offices are paralysed. The Spanish Public Employment Service (SEPE) has suffered a computer attack and 100,000 transactions are blocked daily. They ensure that personal data (names, addresses, account numbers, and more) have not been violated but that, just in case, we check the authenticity of any email supposedly sent by them.

“This wasn’t just a kid with a computer from home”

There are organized gangs of hackers who gain access to any device: computers, phones, emails, WhatsApp, and more. Yes, we are all vulnerable. Public bodies and companies must have a security strategy by law. If not, they will face a penalty (up to 4% of their annual turnover) and will assume compensation for damage. Be careful! The SEPE did not have a security protocol.

This is how companies die

To avoid a cyber closure, you need cyber insurance that assumes the expenses and technical assistance for crisis management, pays the required ransoms and compensation to the injured parties (customers, suppliers, employees), loss of benefits and possible fraud.

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