Who pays for my traffic accident rehabilitation?

Neither you pay it, nor Social Security, nor private centres. Your rehabilitation is paid for by your Insurance through the healthcare agreements signed by the insurance companies, the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros and medical centres.

As an injured patient, you have the right to continue receiving medical and/or physiotherapy treatment until you are fully recovered. You are guaranteed comprehensive health care, both hospital and outpatient, until you are completely healed or stabilized from the aftermath.

If you are taken to the Emergency Room in a public hospital and then want to move to a private one included in the agreement, you can do so for free.

When it’s your fault, your company handles the expenses. If it belongs to the other, they are claimed from the other driver’s insurer.

Data: Last year, the Insurance Sector paid more than 480,000 rehabilitation services, which represents a disbursement of over 9.3 million euros