“Yes, it can get cold in August!”

Be careful now, be careful about temperature changes. It depends on where you are. During the day you roast and at night you freeze. You might go outside wearing a t-shirt, bermuda shorts and flip-flops and at night your body demands a jacket and turtleneck socks. You could catch a cold and flu’ or you might get burned by the sun or suffer a heat stroke.

And what does science say? Well, sudden climatic changes are harmful to your health. When the sun burns, each additional degree is more dangerous… Risk is multiplied by three and four times more than with cold, which is discreet and silent.

A piece of advice from our Brokerage Office: these days listen to your mom when she says that “Yes, it can get cold in August!” So put on a jacket just in case and take good care of yourself.

Have a happy and healthy summer!