You can always find a companion in misfortune

Home Insurance is as versatile as it is necessary. It works for both leaks and broken glass, easing your worries when your home suffers damage, without you having to bear additional costs.

Imagine a leak that not only floods your apartment, but also your neighbour’s apartment downstairs. The Civil Liability guarantee of your insurance is responsible for repairing the damage caused by the leak. It even covers unexpected mishaps, such as damage that your son, the most cautious of the three, may cause in the park with his bicycle. In addition, it offers you legal defence if you face a lawsuit for these incidents.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Avoiding small domestic complications is key to preventing major problems. Did you know that your insurance can cover spoiled food after a fridge power failure? You are responsible for both the spoiled food and the appliance and electrical repair if done.

Many people are unaware that this insurance also protects against theft, both inside and outside the home. You only need to call to report the theft, cancel bank cards and block your cell phone if it gets lost.

And not only that, but this insurance acts quickly in the event of major incidents such as fires or damage caused by extreme atmospheric phenomena, including strong winds, hail, storms, and even events as rare as meteorite falls or, dare we say it, UFOs.

The importance of good advice

With the right advice from a broker, you can achieve the unthinkable. Recently, we successfully handled the repair of a fence damaged by a fallen tree in a client’s yard.

Do you have any concerns? Call us and discover how Home Insurance can be your best ally in taking care of your home.